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Rabine, Leslie (Wahl) lwrabine@ucla.edu

Rabkin, Eric S. esrabkin@umich.edu , www-personal.umich.edu/~esrabkin/

Radice, Anthony anthonymradice@gmail.com

Rakofsky, Stephanie rakon77@aol.com

Rappaport, Charles chasrapp@gmail.com

Rappaport, Jay rappapjb@gmail.com

Ratner, Joan joanratner@verizon.net

Rauchway, Michael mrauchway@yahoo.com

Reader, Jonathanjreader@drew.edu

Reeser, Edith (Lerner) edith.lerner@case.edu

Reinstein, Nancy Heiser nreinstein805@charter.net

Rethy, Vicki Brown chasrethy@aol.com

Reynolds, Catherine (Becker) january@artbyair.com

Rice, Thomas J .trice@myles2go.org

Richert, John john@richertpartners.com

Richards, Edward (Ed) T. riched@knology.net

Richman, Wendy (Miller) wmr4@cornell.edu

Rideout, Richard rfr6@cornell.edu

Rideout, Nan (Wendt) nanrideout@aol.com

Ringe,Axel C. onyxfarm@bellsouth.net

Robinson, Bill b.rob@verizon.net

Roitman, Linda Lomazoff lrr2@cornell.edu

Rosen,Edward err714@aol.com

Rose, Elaine elaine@rosebuddy.net

Rosen, Jesse Jesse_rosen@yahoo.com

Rosenfeld, Alvin arosen45@aol.com

Rubenstein, Allan arubenstei@aol.com

Rubenstein, Larry lsrubenstein@gmail.com

Ruderman, Terry Jane (Schwartz) truderma@courts.state.ny.us

Sadoff, Ira isadoff@colby.edu

Salinger, Pete pas44@cornell.edu;PeterSalinger95@gmail.com

Sampson, Ellen (Grundfest) sampsoneg@gmail.com

Sander, Catherine Eugenia (Brown) ebs17@cornell.edu

Sander, Jeanne ebs17@cornell.edu

Sauer, Edward T. sauer@zoomtown.com

Scalpello, Gwendolyn (Gartland) gscalpello@attglobal.net

Schachnow, Stephen ExecBenefit@aol.com

Schaefer,John C., MD jcsmd70@cox.net

Schaefer,Theodore tedschaefer@comcast.net

Scheckler, Stephen (Steve) stephen@vt.edu

Schenkel, Bill wjschenkel@yahoo.com

Schnapp, Roger roger317@cox.net

Schneider, Eileen Natal ens172001@yahoo.com

Schoener, Gary grschoener@aol.com

Schorr, Alan aws64@cornell.edu

Schwartz, Carla Meisel carlars@aol.com

Schwartz, Louis louschwartz@sandhmanagement.com

Schwartz, Robert W. rschwartz@shggroup.com

Seaman, William seamanhouse@hotmail.com

Shaffer, John shafferjandg@comcast.net

Sharr, Seth sodaass44@gmail.com

Shelton, John jrs50@cornell.edu

Sherman, Randy rsherman@kayescholer.com

Shernit, Bill bill@shernit.com

Shostak, Thomas tashostak@gmail.com

Shulman, James jesjmskali@aol.com

Siegel, Jonathan elihu972@hotmail.com

Silverman, Jonathan jslvrmn@hotmail.com

Simon, Margaret Esme esme103@gmail.com

Simons, Janet M. JSimons305@gmail.com

Singer, Michael J. mjsinger@dcn.org

Slesinger, Arthur aes44.busn@gmail.com

Smith, Arthur B,.Jr. Arthur.Smith@odnss.com

Smith, Bruce bruce178@aol.com

Smith, Ernest eksdvm@aol.com

Singer, Nina (Kaplan)nini@ulster.net

Sobel, Howard hlsobelpe@aol.com ; hls10@cornell.edu

Somma, Thomas Thomas.Somma@gte.net

Sommer, Cindy (Wagman) cindysommer@hotmail.com

Sorrick, Steven H. Sorrick@juno.com

Spatola, Arno F. office:spatola@louisville.edu home:spatola@insightbb.com

Spencer, Frank fspencer@qis.net

Sprinkle, Ted, DVM tasprinkle@optonline.net

Sragow, Darry oscar7@aol.com

Stanat, Jon stanatjon@yahoo.com

Starr, Hugh & Erin starr@maui.net

Stephenson, Judith Burke judys_44@yahoo.com

Stephenson, Nancy Decker RJSteph@aol.com

Sterenberg, Stanley stan.sterenberg@gmail.com

Stern, Norman nstern1@gmail.com

Stewart, Donald sisndon@gmail.com

Stern, Norman nstern@oral-surgery.cc

Stickney, Judith Shannon pbstick@prodigy.net

Stokes, Norman nestokes@bellsouth.net

Strauss, Robert rgstrauss@gmail.com

Stregack, Susan (Maldon) sms51@cornell.edu

Stuebing, Rich rwstuebing@gmail.com

Sullivan,Doris Nagel Atwood doris_sullivan@yahoo.com

Sutton, Ezra esutton@ezrasutton.com

Swallow, Elizabeth Gerald  (540) 432-1234-day; (540) 433-3026-eve

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