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Fall colors, looking up Libe Slope from West Campus, by John Monroe

If you'd like to email a classmate,click on the address after the classmate's name. Maiden names are in parenthesis.

To add or update your own email address, just email it to the webmaster at rrt@cornellclassof66.org.

Abbatiello, Vincent DRVJA@AOL.COM

Abbott,Kenneth W. abbottglobal7@gmail.com

Abrams, Stephen Michaelsmabrams@chorus.net

Ackerman, David W. ackermandw@gmail.com

Allen, Thomas tha3@cornell.edu

Allen, John B. B232a@aol.com

Allgauer, Frank S. frank.allgauer@hilton.com

Amariglio, Donna damariglio@verizon.net

Anderson, Paul K. pkanderson@yahoo.com

Andrews, Mary S. (Gilbert) Marvelousmary449@gmail.com

Arbaugh, Edward edarbaugh@gmail.com

Arbeit, David darbeit@msn.com

Areen, Judy areen@law.georgetown.edu

Arteta, Alejandro aarteta@comdisal.com

Asch, Don don.susan@verizon.net

Aubrecht, Richard daubrecht@moog.com

Bablove, Paul pbablove@brworkgroup.com

Bailey, Mel  mb229@cornell.edu

Bailey, Robert rbailey485@aol.com

Bailis, Lawrence Neil bailis@brandeis.edu

Baldinger, Jo Ann jobaldinger@comcast.net

Barnhill, Robert barnhill@tessco.com

Bart, Cathanne (Merz) bartha@verizon.net

Barton, Ed ed.barton@sbcglobal.net

Bates, Richard bates@georgetown.edu

Baum, Judith Solomon baum.judith@gmail.com ; popsicle44@aol.com

Baumann, Linda (Michelson) lmbaumann@hotmail.com

Baumann, Fred baumann@kenyon.edu

Baxter, Dave dcb39@cornell.edu

Becker, Mary-Ann beckermk@ix.netcom.com

Begun, Alvin abegun@begunconsulting.com

Bell, Stephen G. SLbell1@sbcglobal.net

Bellin, Gene embendplay@aol.com

Bellott, John Jbellott@msn.com

Benedek, Roy benedek@anl.gov  Bio

Benedict, Marion (Krauss)dbenedic@comcast.net

Berenbeim, Ronald ronald.berenbeim@conference-board.org  Reflections

Berger, Arnie asrberger@aol.com(home) aberger@uwb.edu (work)
aberger@u.washington.edu (faculty)

Berger, Andrew aberger@leichtmanlaw.com

Berger, Larry wa2suh@aol.com

Berger, Richard rberger66@primus.ca

Berglas, Alice Katz alice.berglas@gmail.com

Bergman, Bruce b.bergman@bhpp.com

Berins, David  dberins@berinsco.com

Berman, Morris mauricio@morrisberman.com

Berube, Robert Rnberube21@gmail.com

Bilinski, Jerry drbilinski@aol.com

Bilofsky, Walt bilofsky@toolworks.com

Bishop, Ralph ralphb3@aol.com

Bittker, Susan Rockford home: ladyscienc@aol.com work susan_bittker@nymc.edu

Blau, Francine fdb4@cornell.edu

Blackton, John Stuart jblackton@msn.com & jsb44@cornell.edu

Bliss, David mcs@hotmail.com

Blumenkranz, Irene (Green) cornell@blumenkranzlaw.com

Borreson, Diana Shultes borreson@gte.net

Boardman, Beverly Wright bbmover@aol.com

Bourne, Judy jbourne@islands.vi

Bradford, Meredith mehbrad@yahoo.com

Breier, Josh Joshua.I.Breier@uth.tmc.edu

Brenner, Susan Sbbrenner@aol.com

Buchwald, C. R. buckandpeg@aol.com

Burnell, Roger rburnell@arnellent.com

Byard, Cory cory@tidbits.com

Please Note:
If you don't wish your name to appear online here,
please email the Webmaster at: rrt@cornellclassof66.org

This list has been compiled, on a confidential basis, by the Cornell Class of 1966 for its exclusive purposes and those of its members. It is not available for private or individual purposes of any kind, including commercial solicitations or the expression of personal, political, social or economic views.

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