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MacDonald, June jlm65@cornell.edu

MacDonough, Jack Jmacdonou@aol.com

Machtiger, Neal nmachtiger@yahoo.com

Mandigo, Theodore trmandigo@aol.com

Mann, Diane Goodman dian727@aol.com

Mansdorf, Bruce bdmheicap@aol.com

Marvin, Bill bill@restaurantdoctor.com

Marx, Arthur Richard dickmarx@euronet.nl

Maxfield, William whm5@cornell.edu

May, William G. and Carol L. mayfl@msn.com

McCarthy, Lester George les@macdulac.com

McCarthy, Tom tom@tvmccarthy.com

McEntee, Carol Naylor carol.mcentee@gmail.com

McIntyre, Jean Pechuman jpmcinty@colby.edu

McGee, Ray rmcgee@ansoniacb.com

McGovern, Pat mcgovern@sas.upenn.edu

McGowan, Daniel A. mcgowan@hws.edu

McKee, Richard rlmckee@snet.net

McKibbon, Errol grapetester@sympatico.ca

McLean, Mary M. mmclean2@san.rr.com

McNally, Allen mcnally.alan@gmail.com

McNealey, Jeff jmcnealey@porterwright.com

McPartlin, Jayne (Mierisch) jaynemcpartlin@yahoo.com

Merschrod, Kris Kris@merschrod.net

Metsch, Victor victormetsch@gmail.com

Meulendyke, Ann-Marie ameulendyke@usa.net

Meyer, Norman I. nm2101@yahoo.com

Meyer, Roberta Bauer robmeyer@verizon.net

Mezan, Richard rmezan@rmezan.com

Michelet, Robert rwmichelet@att.net

Millar, John jmillar2000@yahoo.com

Miller, Linda (Bernstein) lbmiller202@gmail.com

Miller, Donna (Rosen) millerlyte_og@yahoo.com

Mitchell, Paula ( Lieberman) Paula.mitchell@verizon.net

Monroe, John monroe.jw@gmail.com

Moore, Mary T. drmarymoore@gmail.com

Moore, Thomas J. tjm@thomasjmoore.com

Morgenroth, Joyce jdm9@cornell.edu

Morris, Ken kmorris@lightbulbpress.com

Moss, Robert remoss@aol.com

Mozer, Joe  joe_mozer@prodigy.net

Mueller, Lucy lucyalisonmueller@gmail.com

Munson, Garry vstanton@whitneycap.com

Murata, Christie cgmurata@aol.com

Nack, Linda (Duman) lnackbeau@aol.com ; lnackbeau@aol.com

Nankin, Martin mnankin@yahoo.com

Newman, Ann anewman27@aol.com ; jan20@cornell.edu

Newman, Katherine (Blume) jimkatnew@aol.com

Newton, Nancy ntnewton@verizon.net

Nichols, Mary D. marydnichols@gmail.com

Nirula, Lalit lalitnirula@gmail.com

David Noblejdnoble@verizon.net

Noke, Craig craiglnoke@gmail.com

Nolin, Sally sallynolin@gmail.com

Northrup, Marylin Kimball mnorthrop@fairpoint.net

Oakleaf, Marie oak7315@frontiernet.net

Oberholtzer, Marian (Williams) oberholtzermw@yahoo.com

Oettle, Kenneth F. koettle@sillscummis.com

Ohl, Charles chohl@aol.com

Oliver, Norman NormanJOliver@verizon.net

Othmer, Sue (FitzGerald) sue@eeginfo.com

Paradise, Eleanor Blitz eparadise@aol.com

Pearce, Jay multijay@teleport.com

Pearson, David davidcpearson@comcast.net

Pelenur, Carlos carlos@pelenur.com

Peterfreund, Stuart s.peterfreund@neu.edu

Peterson, Edith (Tannenbaum) Quiltbunnyr@aol.com

Peterson, Sandra Cairns petsan@bethel.edu

Phillippi, Elmer ephillippi@msn.com

Pierce, Nathaniel nwpierce@verizon.net

Piver, Donna donnalee@massed.net

Poduska, Pam ppoduska@rochester.rr.com

Poduska, Richard rpoduska@rochester.rr.com

Polacco, Joe polaccoj@missouri.edu

Polcer, Judith (Kurtz) judypolcer@gmail.com

Poolin, Barbara barbarapoolin@gmail.com

Potash, Andrew/Andrea apotash@distinguished.com

Powell, Anne aygeepee@hotmail.com

Powell, Jean Williams j.w.powell@verizon.net

Purcell, Arthur arthur.purcell@verizon.net

Puterman, Martin martin.puterman@gmail.com

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