Thriving Red plaque recognizing our 50th reunion class gift, prominently hung on the staircase leading to the cafeteria in each West Campus house.(Photo by John Monroe)

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Kalafer, Michael

Kamfjord, Karen (Klitgord)

Kanter, Madeline (Daub)

Kaplan, Cathy (Dziezanowski)

Katz, Richard

Kay, Carol

Keagler, Harry D.

Kehr, Robert L.

Keast, Stephen

Keizer, Alan

Kerchner, Robert

Kelley, John E.


Kinney, Michael

Kirkland, Carol

Klee, Thomas A.

Klein, Mark L.

Klein, Paul

Kleinman, Kenneth

Kochanoff, Stan
( home)
(wife, Peggy, Class of '65)

Konvitz, Jeffrey

Korn, Sue Stern

Korros, Sandy (Shecket) and

Krauss, Jonathan

Krich, Steve

Kurtz, Nancy

Lacroute, Ronni (Barrett)

Lamb, Norton (Buzz)


Lavine, Ken

Lawrence, Barbara;

Leech, Peter

Leelike, Dottie Hjelstrom

Lerner, Charles

Leroy, Doris

Lester, Howie

Levine, Hilda (Lichtenstein)

Levisohn, Paul

Levy, Michael

Lidman, Russell

Lindquist, Lee

Lindsley, Robert

Linn, Priscilla (Rachun) (h) (w)

Lockwood, Richard,

Locke Jr,Philip Francis

Loeber, A. Kristin Dahlstrom

Lomazoff, Linda

Lombardo, Nancy (Emerson)

Lortz, Ed

Lovell, John

Lowe, Susan (Miller)

Lubell, Martha Goell

Lubitz, Alan

Luciani, Tom

Luisada, Paul V.,MD

Lustig, Dianne Flannery

Lutz, Dennis

Lutz, Gene

Lynch, Carol

Lytle, Mark

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