Bulletin board at Becker House, promoting Class of '66 Day (Photo by John Monroe)

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Fabbricatore, Robert rfabbric@cfl.rr.com

Fairchild, Petepetefairch@aol.com

Fajman, William wfajman@earthlink.net

Falkenstein, Stanley lskdf2@aol.com

Farrell, Thomas tjdd3@hotmail.com

Farren, Carol fmww@earthlink.net

Fay, Madeleine mfay@massmed.org

Feigin, David dfeigin@usuhs.mil

Fenster, Nancy nancykfenster@gmail.com

Feldman, Robert rlf4@cornell.edu; Robert_Feldman@hotmail.com

Ferraro, Fran francisjferraro@gmail.com

Fiedler, Elliott elliott202@aol.com

Fine, Dorothy Hoffman dottyochbill@yahoo.com

Fisher, Miles summersnow1972@verizon.net

Fleiss,David david@fleiss.org

Fontecilla, Herb hmf3@cornell.edu

Foster, Paul pfoster@actslife.org

Fox, Michael J. vashonfox@comcast.net

Frank, Richard jjgf4img@verizon.net

Frantz, Rolf nrfrantz@verizon.net

Frayer, William wwf@med.cornell.edu

Friedman, Marilyn mffdesignhistorian@gmail.com

Froyen, Richard froyen@email.unc.edu

Fuis, Gary fuis@usgs.gov

Galinato, John john@build-it-yourself.com

Garfinkel, Alan agarfinkel@mednet.ucla.edu

Gaskins, Sam segaskins16087@hotmail.com

Gauch,Hugh G.,Jr. hgg1@cornell.edu

Geiger, Robert rakjgeiger@aol.com

Geiger, Anne Kristin (Dennison) kgeiger08@gmail.com

Getto, Judith Payne and Ernest judygetto@gmail.com     erniegetto@gmail.com

Gibeling, Howard hgibeling@alum.mit.edu

Gilbert, Bethanie abay2315@pacbell.net

Gilbert, Richard gilbert@econ.berkeley.edu

Goichman, Larry lgoichman@scglease.com

Goldberg, Leslie P. lpgmd@aol.com

Goldman. Greer Sterenfeld gsgoldman@gmail.com

Goldstein, Marvin mmgoldstein1@gmail.com

Goldhaber, Susan Kress suzan@max2.physics.sunysb.edu

Goldstock. Ronald ipsig@verizon.net

Goodman, Jill Jordan goodmjj@bellsouth.net

Goodman, Joel jgoodman1@cox.net

Goodrich, Carol Mott dutchg@peoplepc.com

Gordon, Linda (Rokeach) robbgordon@gmail.com

Gordon, James P. james.p.gordon@rssmb.com

Gould,Diane Susan ( Wasser ) reinedesaba21@gmail.com

Graev, Lawrence lgg@ogk.com

Graff, Joyce (Wilcox) joyceg@pipeline.com

Gray, Harold D. "Hap" hapgray@roadrunner.com

Gray, Laura (Bowman) lgray@pepperdine.edu ; laurabgray@aol.com

Green, Paul krimsten@together.net

Greenblath, Sharon SGreen5801@aol.com

Greenblatt, Richard Richard.Greenblatt@gmail.com

Greene, James jgreene102@gmail.com

Greene, Richard richg314@earthlink.net

Griffin, David L. Tolaferme@hotmail.com

Grimm, Roy roy@sedonarealestate.com

Gubin, William will279@yahoo.com

Guggenheim, Steven stevegug1@gmail.com

Guise, Tom gooseguise@msn.com

Gurin, Douglas B.dgurin@comcast.net

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