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'66 dining out at Estb., the student-run restaurant in Statler Hall, on Thursday evening of Trustee-Council weekend, October 27, 2016. From left to right, Alice Katz Berglas '66, David Weisbrod '68, Margaret Simon '66, Rhoda Janis, John Monroe '66, Ralph Janis '66.

Rolf Frantz nrfrantz@verizon.net
John Monroe monroe.jw@gmail.com

Treasurer: William Maxfield whmaxfield@gmail.com
Membership: Judith Kurtz Polcer judypolcer@gmail.com
Finances: Ed Arbaugh
Planning: Ivan Wolff

Presidential Counselor
Alice Katz Berglas alice.berglas@gmail.com

Affinity Networking
Mary Jansen Everett gobigred22@aol.com

On-Campus Liaison
Ralph Janis ralph.janis@gmail.com

Social Media
Roy Troxel rrt@cornellclassof66.org

Class Correspondents
Sue Rockford Bittker, Chair
Home: ladyscienc@aol.com
Work: susan_bittker@nymc.edu

Class Council Coordinator
Sue Stern Korn Suekorn159@gmail.com

Class Council
Andrew Berger
Francine Blau
Judith Bourne
Carolyn Rider Chase
Mary Wellington Daly
Diane Stein Dobrow
L. Richard Dropkin
Elliott Fiedler
Judith Payne Getto
Judith Harvey
W. Ben Harvey
Emily Hewitt
Ronni Barrett Lacroute
Barbara Lawrence
Hilda Lichtenstein Levine
Richard Lockwood
Bruce Mansdorf
Mary Loosbrock Miers
Nathaniel Pierce
Joan Ratner
Mary Whitley Reese
Wendy Miller Richman
Clara Wendt Rideout
Richard Rideout
Betsy Bierds Schenkel
William Schenkel
Margaret Simon
Susan Maldon Stregack
Charles Weiss