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There is an email scam currently being used on classmates. It works this: Someone will contact you by email, using the name of a classmate that you know, and asking you for a donation to some class activity like reunion or a scholarship.

This is known as "phishing" in computer slang. According to AARP, people in our age group are especially vulnerable to this scam.

The only protection against this scam is to be especially vigilant. For example, if you receive a donation request, check the email address in the "From:" bar at the top of the email page - not the classmate's name, but the email address. If the address is something like "executivekeyboard0054", it's probably from a phisher. If you're still not sure, check our online WebDirectory to see if the classmate's address matches the one on the email. Or contact the classmate via the WebDirectory address and ask if he sent you the email.

Here is further information on how phishing scams work:

Roy Troxel '66


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