Cornell Class of 1966

Dear '66 Classmates,

It's January, and that means it's time to pay your 2019-20 Class of '66 dues! We are writing to you as your class presidents to wish you all the best in this new year, and to ask for your annual support of our class treasury - and to share how paying dues benefits our class and Cornell.

Why pay Annual Class Dues?

Dues keep our (50+ year!) classmate conversations going.
Our class treasury supports class communications, gifts to Cornell, reunions (we are now half-way to our 55th!), and short-term projects of interest to the class.
The dues you pay now support 2019-2020.

Some Facts about Class Dues
Dues support the Class of 1966 (They are not gifts to Cornell University).
Dues include a discounted subscription to the award-winning Cornell Alumni Magazine.
Additional contributions - "Diamond Bear" - beyond dues strengthen the Class treasury.
Inputs from classmates help class officers make decisions regarding uses of class funds.

What's the Next Step?
See new easy Options below this letter.
Watch for news about classmates and class events on Facebook (Cornell Class of 1966), our website (, Cornell Alumni Magazine, your email inbox and ... your real in-box!

Thanks for your support of the Cornell Class of '66.

All the best for a terrific 2019!

...Rolf and John

DUES YEAR: July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020
$ 65 Individual, with Magazine
$ 75 Couples, with Magazine
$ 35 Individual, NO Magazine.

Please Consider:
Your Diamond Bear "Additional Contribution" - in ANY amount - ensures our strong Class Treasury.

Your two Cornell ID #'s:

Payment Options:

To pay dues online:
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Prefer to send by regular mail?

Download and print our dues card here
Call: 607-255-3021

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Cornell will construct new student housing/dining on North Campus (past Donlon) with 2000 new beds by 2022. For the first time, Cornell will be able to house all Freshmen & Sophomores "on campus" - bringing the university closer to matching the abilities of peer universities - increasing Cornell community life as well. (Ironically, Ezra never envisioned dorm life at all: he believed students should live and learn in town by interacting with Ithacans.)

this year, every year, from the Class of 1966 Leadership Team

Cornell University
Division of Alumni Affairs and Development
130 E. Seneca St., Suite 400
Ithaca, New York 14850-4353

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